Radian ROTG

The NavSim Radian ROTG unit is a combined ROTG and AIS Pilot Plug. Bluetooth signal to the PPU Computer will contain both ROT information and AIS Pilot Plug information.

Technical Specifications:

Resolution: 0.1 degree per min
Range: +/- 60 degrees per min
Weight: 469 grams
Dimensions: 136x86x49 mm
Battery Life: 12+ hrs
Data Output: Bluetooth and USB
Auxiliary Output: Pilot Plug AIS
Certifications: DNV shipboard RFI electronics standards, DNV certification of ROT accuracy

Design / Operation Points and Features:

  • The unit can charge and operate at the same time from a USB power source (computer or 115 / 230 VAC wall adapter powered USB port).
  • Minimum safe compass distance: 2 feet / 610 millimeters.
  • Minimum safe distance for VHF radio operation: 3 feet / 915 millimeters for 5 watt handheld unit
  • Normal operation is via the wireless Bluetooth connection and the USB (wired) port is used as a backup or for a second pilot.
  • AIS data from the ships pilot plug can be re-transmitted through the unit for convenience.
  • The unit can maintain a synthetic heading from the gyro data for several minutes in case of ships gyro or heading indicator system failure.