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SailCruiser is an intuitive PC-based marine navigation system made especially for sailors! SailCruiser accounts for sailboat tacking using wind, speed and direction to get you to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Standard GPS chart plotters assume that sailboats travel in a straight line to their destinations, and are unable to calculate an accurate ETA during tacking legs. Finally, a solution!


BoatCruiser offers all of the advanced navigation and easy to use planning features that you need, including support for all major marine instruments and compatibility with the widest of variety of chart formats.

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NaviWeather  is based on the long experience of both Polish and Canadian experts. NaviWeather offers the most advanced and innovative program for the visualization of weather forecasts. It is a precise and reliable tool for providing timely and reliable weather information.

The program was created for everyone. Both sailors, surfers, other maritime traffic users, etc. It has an affordable price and provides a complete tool for analyzing weather. Weather forecasting with NaviWeather is pure pleasure as it is an intelligent, fast and flexible program which can be downloaded, configured and ready to work in few minutes.

NaviWeather provides a reliable and accurate weather forecast at your fingertips. An intuitive user interface with a simple and convenient menu will help you plan a safe trip.

Check whether the program meets your expectation. Try out a free version from today!

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Pacific Northwest Harbor Pilot

    "As a harbor pilot in the Pacific Northwest, I was looking for a reliable and flexible navigational software. After examining the major brands in use I chose NavCruiser Pro. The capability to select the data fields that I wanted to see and to set them up in any particular display screen that I could choose set NavCruiser apart from the competition. Whether it was a tabbed screen for transit mode or final approach to an anchorage, NavCruiser Pro was easily customized to display what I needed to see. I found great value in the playback mode to review a job with a trainee pilot and for self-evaluation and improvement. Ed Marmol Pacific Northwest Harbor Pilot"

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