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SailCruiser is an intuitive PC-based marine navigation system made especially for sailors! SailCruiser accounts for sailboat tacking using wind, speed and direction to get you to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Standard GPS chart plotters assume that sailboats travel in a straight line to their destinations, and are unable to calculate an accurate ETA during tacking legs. Finally, a solution!


BoatCruiser offers all of the advanced navigation and easy to use planning features that you need, including support for all major marine instruments and compatibility with the widest of variety of chart formats.

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NaviWeather is based on the long experience of both Polish and Canadian experts. NaviWeather offers the most advanced and innovative program for the visualization of weather forecasts. It is a precise and reliable tool for providing timely and reliable weather information. The program was created for everyone. Both sailors, surfers, other maritime traffic users, etc. It has an affordable price and provides a complete tool for analyzing weather. Weather forecasting with NaviWeather is pure pleasure as it is an intelligent, fast and flexible program which can be downloaded, configured and ready to work in few minutes. NaviWeather provides a reliable and accurate weather forecast at your fingertips. An intuitive user interface with a simple and convenient menu will help you plan a safe trip. Check whether the program meets your expectation. Try out a free version from today!

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Steve Webster, Mississauga, Canada

    "...One very notable difference is the technology in Navsim's products. They use the very latest software development tools from Microsoft, and everything just works so much better on my PC - screen manipulation of charts for example is MUCH faster than any tool I'd used before. Zooming in and out of charts, dragging charts around, rotating them etc iss just much better in this product. I am also an aviator, and the software works well both on the water and in the as well as the standard BSB charts. It has all sorts of useful for configuring screen displays, fuel cost analysis for trips based upon fuel burn profiles, and supports a bunch of different input devices beyond just a GPS and Autopilot. Another really awesome feature is the ability to drag and drop any documents on to the charts and annotate the charts with things like photos or cruise notes (which I do with aerial photos). It really is a stellar product. Navsim has a small, top notch software development team that responds to customer input! Many of the aviation-specific suggestions I submitted actually found their way into the product! I have shown it to a number of fellow boaters in my marina and many of them have adopted NavSim software as well now."

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