NavSim products for the professional market


NavSim PPU

NavSim PPU (Portable Pilot Unit) features a pilot optimized version of NavSim’s popular Meridian 3 software. The NavSim PPU comes with a Panasonic ToughBook™ ruggedized laptop along with the NavSim RG4 ROTG (Rate of Turn Generator), and a high quality dual-beacon equipped GPS. NavSim PPU systems are provided with a light-weight water-repellent carrying case for optimum portability when boarding vessels.

Meridian 3

Formerly known as NavCruiser Pro, Meridian is a highly sophisticated marine navigation PC program for the professional mariner. The latest development from NavSim Technology, Meridian includes advanced AIS capabilities including receiving text messages and recording AIS target tracks.


Random Testimonial

  • ~ Dr. Arthur Carty, President, National Research Council of Canada

    "The NRC is particularly proud and enthusiastic about NavSim Technology Inc. and the software they have developed, because NavSim is the first spin-off from NRC's Institute for Marine Dynamics to have incubated in our facilities in St. John's, NRC we want to build on successes like NavSim."

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