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We are happy to provide our customers with personal assistance in using NavSim Products. For customers covered under warranty, please use the form below to make a support request.

How can I get support online?

Free access is provided to the software FAQ. Often your support question may be answered there! If not, feel free to suggest a new addition to the NavSim Software FAQ.

Am I covered for technical support by phone?

NavSim PPU and NavCruiser PRO 3 customers are covered for technical phone support for one year after purchase or for the term of your organizations support contract. After the term has expired, you can either pay for support on a per incident basis or pay an annual fee to extend your support coverage. If your support has expired, contact NavSim Sales to extend your support service period.

Obtaining Remote Assistance

Some issues are best resolved by having one of our technical support representatives remotely logging into your machine. Once you’ve spoken to our technical support team, and are ready to initiate a remote session, please proceed to ON THE MACHINE WITH NAVSIM’s SOFTWARE. Once you open that URL, you will see a screen (as pictured below) where you will enter your name and the support key given to you by the NavSim Support representative.



For support of SailCruiser and BoatCruser, contact recreational support.

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Random Testimonial

  • ~ Steve Webster, Mississauga, Canada

    "...One very notable difference is the technology in Navsim's products. They use the very latest software development tools from Microsoft, and everything just works so much better on my PC - screen manipulation of charts for example is MUCH faster than any tool I'd used before. Zooming in and out of charts, dragging charts around, rotating them etc iss just much better in this product. I am also an aviator, and the software works well both on the water and in the as well as the standard BSB charts. It has all sorts of useful for configuring screen displays, fuel cost analysis for trips based upon fuel burn profiles, and supports a bunch of different input devices beyond just a GPS and Autopilot. Another really awesome feature is the ability to drag and drop any documents on to the charts and annotate the charts with things like photos or cruise notes (which I do with aerial photos). It really is a stellar product. Navsim has a small, top notch software development team that responds to customer input! Many of the aviation-specific suggestions I submitted actually found their way into the product! I have shown it to a number of fellow boaters in my marina and many of them have adopted NavSim software as well now."

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