Great Lakes Pilotage Authority (GLPA)

"Equipping GLPA pilots with NavSim’s new integrated PPUs will help ensure that the Great Lakes-Seaway remains one of the world’s safest and most efficient commercial waterways. - Robert Lemire, CEO of the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority"

British Columbia Coast Pilots Technical Committee

"We chose NavCruiser PRO because of the software's ease of use and NavSim's willingness to adapt and develop their software to meet our needs. This already powerful software with automatic updating ability is now being used in our Pilotage district. The software's flexibility enables it to meet our varied needs and the development work they completed for us exceed the technical committee's expectations. - Captain Kevin Vail Chair, BC Coast Pilots Technical Committee"

Bill Doyle, St. John’s, Newfoundland

"NavSim's software worked great with my GPS while sailing through the British Virgin Islands in February. Our large scale electronic charts did not arrive in time for the trip, but we managed to navigate using the 1:200,000 small scale charts. I would recommend NavSim to any sailor."

SaltAir, Vancouver B.C.

"It’s nice to finally see a reasonably priced charting program with some pretty advanced features. The quilting of charts alone sets it off from all others at similar prices. Add to that its advanced printing functions, loading of charts in a flash and you have a winner. Well done!"

Dr. Arthur Carty, President, National Research Council of Canada

"The NRC is particularly proud and enthusiastic about NavSim Technology Inc. and the software they have developed, because NavSim is the first spin-off from NRC's Institute for Marine Dynamics to have incubated in our facilities in St. John's, Newfoundland...at NRC we want to build on successes like NavSim."

Captain Andrew St. Germain

"NavSim's navigation software was one of the easiest software to master. The user friendly menus make the task of setting up waypoints and routes a breeze. The configuration for the GPS or DGPS took less than a couple of minutes and I was up and running. The clarity of nautical charts when zooming in was fabulous. The software has a lot of great features which makes GPS navigation fun, be it on land or water. This software is so easy to use that it will have the technical support team waiting for the phone to ring like the May-Tag repair man. ...  "

Art Flores, California

"Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for time and consideration. I just purchased NavSim's software, and let me tell you, the download update feature is really cool! In fact, I was considering some other navigation programs but they don't have the download feature like you guys. I needed to have a map/navigation software installed on a client's laptop A.S.A.P. and downloading the full version from the internet was my only option. Thank you! By the way, the user interface on this program is awesome, totally blows away the competition."

Captain Andrew St. Germain

"Your software gets better by the day. It is so fantastic and so very user friendly. I can easily say that out of all the navigation software that I have tested over the years, yours is by far the easiest to learn."

Steve Webster, Mississauga, Canada

"...One very notable difference is the technology in Navsim's products. They use the very latest software development tools from Microsoft, and everything just works so much better on my PC - screen manipulation of charts for example is MUCH faster than any tool I'd used before. Zooming in and out of charts, dragging charts around, rotating them etc iss just much better in this product. I am also an aviator, and the software works well both on the water and in the as well as the standard BSB charts. It has all sorts of useful for configuring screen displays, fuel cost analysis for trips based upon fuel burn profiles, and supports a bunch of different input devices beyond just a GPS and Autopilot. Another really awesome feature is the ability to drag and drop any documents on to the charts and annotate the charts with things like photos or cruise notes (which I do with aerial photos). It really is a stellar product. Navsim has a small, top notch software development team that responds to customer input! Many of the aviation-specific suggestions I submitted actually found their way into the product! I have shown it to a number of fellow boaters in my marina and many of them have adopted NavSim software as well now."

Pacific Northwest Harbor Pilot

"As a harbor pilot in the Pacific Northwest, I was looking for a reliable and flexible navigational software. After examining the major brands in use I chose NavCruiser Pro. The capability to select the data fields that I wanted to see and to set them up in any particular display screen that I could choose set NavCruiser apart from the competition. Whether it was a tabbed screen for transit mode or final approach to an anchorage, NavCruiser Pro was easily customized to display what I needed to see. I found great value in the playback mode to review a job with a trainee pilot and for self-evaluation and improvement. Ed Marmol Pacific Northwest Harbor Pilot"